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Retractable banners reach out and grab the attention of potential customers. They’re ideal for trade shows, lobbies and as retail displays in various stores and shopping malls. No matter where you want to share your branding or message, a banner can help you do it in style. Retractable banner stands will allow you to create freestanding banner displays that require almost no effort to set up and appear sleek and professional throughout their use.

SpeedPro offers a multitude of graphics display options that can fulfill the visual communication needs of any client, and our retractable banner stand offerings are no exception. With such a variety of types and models to choose from, we’re confident you can find the perfect retractable banner stand to help show off your eye-catching graphics.


Retractable banner stands are one of the most popular types of banner stands, especially for trade shows and other events. These stands are sometimes also referred to as roll-up banner stands because they use a spring-like mechanism to roll banners back into the base when they’re not in use. Think of this mechanism like a projector screen you can pull down to unroll from its base. Except, in this case, the base that contains the rolled-up banner sits on the bottom, so you pull up to display your banner.

The part you pull on is called the crossbar. This bar keeps the banner from getting lost in the base and gives a nice, crisp edge to the top of your display. A bungee or telescoping pole in the back supports the banner and holds it in place. Retractable banner stand bases are equipped with a foot or feet to allow the banner to stand securely on its own. What you end up with is a freestanding display that you can set up and take down in mere seconds.

Some retractors are designed so that the graphics they contain can be switched out if you want to replace an old banner for a new one without buying a new stand. Retractable banner stands come in a variety of types and sizes.

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Tractable Banner Stands

Tractable Banner Stands

Tractable Banner Stands


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